Brake Caliper (BRC63362)

Fitting Position: Front
Disc Width: 25 mm
Disc Diameter: 288 mm, 312 mm
Manufacturer: ATE

We take as a deposit now.

We then contact you for the balance when the calipers are complete and ready to post back.

Add to shopping cart and follow instructions on screen before posting off your calipers.

Before you add to cart please make sure you follow the steps below:

  • Check the items in the cart, then at checkout pay £20 deposit for the service.
  • Post the Calipers to Bigg Red Ltd, The Workshop, Weir Lane, Worcester, WR2 4AY and include a copy of receipt to speed up processing.
  • We will request remainder of payment only once work is completed, then upon receiving payment we will deliver Calipers to you via courier at a cost of £9.90 for two, £16.00 for four to UK mainland.

Included in price:

  • New pistons, seals, bleed screws & slider rubbers
  • Slider brackets cleaned and coated to match
  • Wet Testing prior to dispatch and 12 months hydraulic guarantee

Not included in price:

  • Carriage, slider bolts, pad pins, pad fitting kits, banjo bolts
  • Mounting bolts or transfer pipes
  • Decals
Process Times: Standard: 2 - 3* working days
Electroplate: 10 - 12* working days
Premium: 7 - 10* working days

* Average times, excluding transport. Times may vary at peak periods.

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Products specifications
Fitting Position Front
Disc Width 25 mm
Disc Diameter 288 mm, 312 mm
Disc Type Vented
Type - RP 1K1, 1K2, 1K5, 1K7, 1LJ/1ZA/1ZD/1ZB, 1T1 - 1T2 - 1T3, 1Z, 1ZB, 1ZC/1LN, 1ZE/1ZP, 2CA-2CB pr-code 1ZA/1ZE, 2KA-2KB pr-code 1LJ/1ZE, 358 pr-code 1ZG/1ZM, 3C2, 3C5, 517 pr-code 1ZA/1ZB/1ZD, 517 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP, 521 pr-code 1LJ/1ZA, 521 pr-code 1ZE, 5C1, 5K1 pr-code 1LJ/1ZA/1ZD, 5K1 pr-code 1LL/1LV/1ZB, 5K1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP, 5M1 pr-code 1LJ, 5M1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP, 5P1 - 5P5 - 5P8, 5P2, 8J3 - 8J9, 8P1 pr-code 1LJ/1ZD, 8P1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP, 8P7 pr-code 1LJ/1ZE, 8PA pr-code 1LJ/1ZD, 8PA pr-code 1ZE/1ZP, 8X1 pr-code 1ZC, 8XA pr-code 1ZC, AJ5, KG3
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Products specifications
Fitting Position Front
Disc Width 25 mm
Disc Diameter 288 mm
Disc Diameter 312 mm
Disc Type Vented
Type - RP 1K1
Type - RP 1K2
Type - RP 1K5
Type - RP 1K7
Type - RP 1LJ/1ZA/1ZD/1ZB
Type - RP 1T1 - 1T2 - 1T3
Type - RP 1Z
Type - RP 1ZB
Type - RP 1ZC/1LN
Type - RP 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 2CA-2CB pr-code 1ZA/1ZE
Type - RP 2KA-2KB pr-code 1LJ/1ZE
Type - RP 358 pr-code 1ZG/1ZM
Type - RP 3C2
Type - RP 3C5
Type - RP 517 pr-code 1ZA/1ZB/1ZD
Type - RP 517 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 521 pr-code 1LJ/1ZA
Type - RP 521 pr-code 1ZE
Type - RP 5C1
Type - RP 5K1 pr-code 1LJ/1ZA/1ZD
Type - RP 5K1 pr-code 1LL/1LV/1ZB
Type - RP 5K1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 5M1 pr-code 1LJ
Type - RP 5M1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 5P1 - 5P5 - 5P8
Type - RP 5P2
Type - RP 8J3 - 8J9
Type - RP 8P1 pr-code 1LJ/1ZD
Type - RP 8P1 pr-code 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 8P7 pr-code 1LJ/1ZE
Type - RP 8PA pr-code 1LJ/1ZD
Type - RP 8PA pr-code 1ZE/1ZP
Type - RP 8X1 pr-code 1ZC
Type - RP 8XA pr-code 1ZC
Type - RP AJ5
Type - RP KG3
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