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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Technologies in cars are constantly changing. Almost all new cars seem to switching to electronic handbrakes. This of course adds a new element to the brake caliper refurbishment world. The caliper itself is largely unchanged but the stresses an electric motor put on it are subsequently always the same, never changing and never unyielding. Gone are the days where a couple of clicks here or leaving it in gear while your away on holiday for 2 weeks. These pose a few new factors to the wear and tear of your brake system. We can of course refurbish the vast majority of these calipers. If in doubt, contact us or use our VRM search on this very website.

We will post updates on our Facebook page for any new to range as well so follow us to stay up to date.

Most importantly don’t despair if, just because you have an electric motor on, it will cost a fortune. Bigg Red caliper refurbishment is here to save the day.


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