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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Whether it is for your motor sport, classic or regular road car we can and will supply all the components needed to overhaul your brakes, arguably the most important components on your car. With the cost of replacement parts ever increasing this is a great way to keep your maintenance costs of your vehicle down. Not confident in replacing these parts yourself? No problem, we offer one of the best caliper refurbishments in the industry and on top of all that we can also offer our fantastic coating services.

Why not take a look at our Facebook page to see some of the great examples of our caliper repairs some of our finished coatings. 

If you have decided that repairing your caliper is the way for you, we have around 90,000 components available in stock. We are one of the largest stockists in the UK of components for caliper repairs.

For the most comprehensive repair we would recommended our Brake Caliper Piston Repair Kits, accompany this with some of our Titanium Bleed Screws and your almost on your way to the complete new caliper.

Of course we'd be happy to do this all for you too!! Contact us here if you have any questions or need advice on what would be best for your caliper repair


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